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Relationship tele-summit Interview - Healing & Becoming Emotionally Available Again

I’m excited to be part on a fantastic free online Relationship Tele-summit joining 18+ other experts!  My interview is on“Healing and Becoming Emotionally Available Again.”This interview is perfect for someone who is single, in a current relationship or who is going through a breakup/divorce.

We have all experienced disappointment, hurt and heartache which cause us to shut down our hearts.I’ll share valuable insights and techniques on healing and becoming emotionally available again  - to yourself, your current or a potential new relationship.

Workshop - Expanding Your Comfort Level for Online Dating, NYC

Expanding Your Comfort Level for Online Dating
February 29, 2016, 
 7 -9 PM

Whether you are a seasoned online dater or entering back into the dating world after a breakup/divorce, online dating can be exciting, intimidating and everything in between!

In this workshop, we'll explore how to become more comfortable with yourself so that you can be more comfortable in the dating experience. Plus, we’ll learn tips for creating a better online profile, how to discern dating partners up front, how to navigate the different dating apps and sites and much more!

Dating, Relationships and Becoming Emotionally Available

Workshop - Dating, Relationships and Becoming Emotionally Available

Dating and relationships can be exciting, scary or everything in between! In this workshop we will explore how we can become more emotionally available, heal our past, our ideal relationship which includes our relationship with ourselves, and how to date best when children are involved.

Please join us for this experiential workshop if you are dating, are in a relationship or wondering how you will ever be ready again!!

I will be sharing concepts, strategies and tools for dating, resolving the past, and for creating fulfilling relationships especially the one with yourself!

Intention, Clarity & Manifesting Your Desire - Workshop

Whether we want to heal from a breakup, negotiate a divorce settlement, or begin a new relationship three elements are needed:  intention, clarity and manifestation.

In this workshop we’ll explore how they work together so that you can more effective in accomplishing  what you want.

You will discover:

~~ How to create an effective intention

~~ The best way to align yourself to accomplish what you want

~~ The key ingredient necessary to manifesting your desire.

We’ll have a presentation of concepts, discussion and coaching.

Workshop - Self Forgiveness on the Path of Healing

 Self Forgiveness on the Path of Healing
July 8, 2014

A breakup of divorce can bring self-recrimination, regret and remorse. “I should have,” “If only,” “Why did or didn’t I?” While self- reflection is an important and necessary process,  ongoing self-blame and regret can keep us from healing and moving forward. 

When filled with guilt and remorse, we block the heart path form something new and better. We become stuck in old patterns and  deeper understanding can elude us.

Dating, Relationships & Intimacy at ZengaLove

If you are ready to date, dating, or in a relationship, the you'll be excited about our sister site,ZengaLove. Here you'll find videos, blog posts, and programs related to dating, relationships, intimacy and sexuality. 

Cheryl Lazarus, Founder of ZengaLove states, “Many of my clients say that they lose themselves when they are in a relationship or even at the point of dating. They are looking for love or approval;  give in when they don't want to and then resent it afterward.

Manifesting New Possibilities for 2014

Our Manifesting New Possibilities workshop was fantastic;  interactive and transformative. The purpose of the workshop was so that people who experienced relationship challenges in 2013 could begin the year with a different mindset and attitude, which could then pave the way to new opportunities.

Combining easy-to-apply practical tools with psychological, energetic and spiritual principles, we created a new paradigm of thinking and possibilities for the future.

I began with concepts and a presentation of a 5 step manifestation process.

Divorce Panel of Experts

The recent Divorce Panel of Experts for Divorce Source was a major success as 9 Divorce Professionals offered valuable strategies for navigating the divorce process. 

As a Certified Divorce Coach I presented on the emotional struggles during a divorce and how to lessen their impact on divorce decisions, including anger management, honoring the grief process, and situational versus patterns of guilt. In addition, I gave tools for discernment between the two faces of fear; fear as friend and taking action accordingly, and toxic fear which needs to be worked with so that it doesn't cloud thinking and decisions.

Seminar - How To Have a More Successful Divorce

Most people are unprepared for the challenges of a separation or divorce. There are emotions to cope with, decisions to be made, and practical steps that need to be taken.

Join two  experts as they walk you through the terrain of creating a more successful separation or divorce.  Whether you are contemplating a breakup, are in the middle of a separation or are going through a divorce, this seminar will provide valuable tools and strategies that can help you to move forward.

Cheryl Lazarus, Certified Divorce Coach & Relationship expert will show you how to:

Moving Beyond Guilt

We all experience guilt; for something we did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say. It’s a natural part of being human. However, when guilt is an overriding presence, it can be detrimental to your well being. In a breakup or divorce, guilt is often present. How you handle it can make a difference in the process of going through it, healing, and in your recovery.

In Part 1 we’ll discuss types of guilt and the first 3 steps to handling guilt. In part 2 we’ll explore how to release guilt and let yourself “off the hook.
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