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Women's Divorce  Support

Women can experience divorce differently than men, both emotionally and in dealing with practical issues.

Specialized women's divorce coaching and women's support groups helps you become more empowered and proactive as you sort out your emotions, make divorce decisions, work with your attorney, deal with your soon-to-be-ex or support your children.

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"Cheryl's position is, "I will have your back!"

Cheryl Lazarus is the missing link during the divorce process. I have worked with Cheryl for 8 months and I have made more strides with Cheryl that I have with my therapist of 3 years.

This is why I call Cheryl the missing link. In 8 months she was able to help me clearly outline the areas where I felt weakest and empower me. Cheryl helped me address the triggers that were stumbling blocks not only in my communication with my husband, but in other areas that I could not address which were crucial in my divorce.

She not only broke things down to the core level, she helped me every step of the way with integrating issues that I was dealing with and as a mother as well.
Her main concern was for me to start taking care of me. Her main position is, “I will have your back!” TM

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