Easier Transitions - Cheryl Lazarus,

Dating and Relationships

Are you ready to date but a little scared?

Are you dating or in a relationship, and repeating the same mistakes from the past?

Are you healing from a loss or afraid to trust?

Are you excited about dating or your relationship, and aren't sure...what's next?

You are not alone!
Visit our sister site, ZengaLove which specializes in dating, relationships, intimacy and sexuality!

Here you'll find videos, blog posts, events, and coaching programs related to dating, relationships, intimacy and sexuality. ZengaLove

Cheryl Lazarus, Founder of ZengaLove states, “Many of my clients say that they lose themselves when they are in a relationship or even at the point of dating. They are looking for love or approval;  give in when they don't want to and then resent it afterward.

When the relationship is not going the way they had hoped or the other person is not doing/giving what they expected, there becomes a sense of loss, rejection or sabotaging reactions."

At ZengaLove we are dedicated to helping you transform your relationships. We provide the tools to:  go deeper into yourself; to create the changes that you need, the vision that you want, and then to attract the fulfilling, loving relationships or partner that you are looking for.
Take our  LQ quiz "What is your Love Quotient."  Find our how open you are to love how to get there faster!

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Phone sessions for dating, relationship, breakups or divorce coaching 
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