Easier Transitions - Cheryl Lazarus,
Breakups and Divorce Coaching

Are your feeling overwhelmed or confused?  Is it difficult to cope, either emotionally or practically?  You are not alone. Few people are prepared for the emotional turmoil, mental anguish and practical side of a breakup or divorce.

Whether you are contemplating a breakup, are in the middle of a separation or going through a divorce, you can go through the process for confidently and successfully. As a breakup and divorce coach, I  can help you stay focused and on track while providing a safety zone  and a place to explore your concerns.

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Coaching and Practical Issues
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               Emotional support & objective reality checks 

              A safe environment  to express guilt, fear, grief,  frustration, and anger
              Make decisions with clear thinking, rather than emotions or coercion                   
              Set new boundaries with your "soon to be ex"  
              Support your children better during this time of transition and stress

              Effective communication and negotiation skill building

               Learn strategies for productive, less stressful meetings
               Methods for improving communication with your children 
               Strategies to stay on task and efficient when working with your attorney
               thus saving  time and money
             Action plans and priorities
               Make informed decisions and action plans regarding:
               housing, children, work, and financial considerations   
               social orientations and lifestyle changes

              Empowerment for you
               Learn everyday coping skills and strategies  
               Transform fears and develop an empowering mindset 
               Gain  confidence and resiliency
               Create balance and reducing stress

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