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About Cheryl Lazarus

Cheryl Lazarus, CLC, CPC, specializes in Divorce and Breakups Coaching. She is a Certified Life , Professional and NLP Master Coach.  She is additionally trained in Counseling and Gestalt Therapy. 

Cheryl coaches individually across the United States, and facilitates NYC Divorce Support and Breakups Seminars as well as Divorce Support Groups.

She has additional expertise in Effective Communication, Intimacy, Stress Management and Empowerment Practices. As an Ordained Interfaith Minister she relates to people of diverse spiritual traditions.

Drawing on previous management and entrepreneurial experiences, she also helps clients to strategize business, career & new life directions.

Cheryl hold individual coaching sessions, support groups and seminars  in NYC.
She also provides telephone coaching sessions in the US and abroad.

~~~~~  My Personal Story

I chose to specializing in  breakups and divorce coaching/counseling as a result of working with clients and my own personal experience of a separation and divorce.

 When my marriage of 20+ years broke up,   I felt devastated  and overwhelmed. Like most people, I was unprepared for the emotional turmoil, fear and decisions that I needed to make.  I went back into therapy/coaching and also drew on  the tools I had as a Coach and Counselor. It was one of the most challenging and difficult periods of my life.

 I needed to to empower and assert myself;  plus make decisions that were in our son's best interests and mine; not decisions based on my emotions or the influence of my soon to be "ex."  There were also specific plans and actions  to be implemented and  time-lines for these to take place...legal representation,  custody decisions, living arrangements,  financial etc.

I wanted to release emotional attachments, deal with my fears and  better handle every day ups and downs. I felt  intimated during specific communications with my husband and various stages of the separation and divorce process.

 If I had been able to work with a Coach and Counselor versed in breakups,  divorce and business, the entire process would have gone more smoothly both practically and emotionally.

As a result of my own experience,  and through working with clients, I  developed the practices, strategies  and techniques that would best serve the goals of a person going through the challenge of a separation or divorce ... to facilitate a smoother transition both practically and emotionally; and to create a more rewarding and joy filled life.

There are opportunities in crisis;  strengths we can draw upon, support we can receive and ways to create love and appreciation for ourselves and others.

It is my desire to help you move through a breakup or divorce in the most confident, positive and empowered way possible.

My background also includes:

Holding seminars, workshops and coaching/counseling  through private sessions and telephone sessions. 

I am also Certified Coach Master NLP Practitioner, and additionally  trained in Gestalt Therapy for 4 years, and in Spiritual Counseling. My expertise also includes Effective Communication,  Intimacy and Empowerment Practices.

I chaired  and organized the To Tell The Truth Healing and Therapeutic Conference in NYC, which over 500 people attended. It was comprised of 5 keynote speakers and 20 breakout workshop sessions. For that event I contributed articles to several publications and created a cable TV video that was distributed in the tri-state area.

I have been interviewed on radio talk shows and written about in various local and international publications. 

Before entering the Coaching and Counseling field, I was a Corporate Executive traveling extensively throughout Asia. After many years in the corporate arena, I opened my own two stores, specializing in Business Clothing for Pregnant Working Women. In that business, I worked closely with pregnant women and also held seminars to help them transition from career women to working moms.

Drawing on my previous management and entrepreneurial experience, I help clients to strategize business, career and new life directions.

My interest in coaching and counseling occurred as a result of going through my own therapy and the powerful transformations that took place  both inside me and in the externals of my life. When I sold my business,  it was a natural transition for me to professionally train and develop a professional practice in these fields. I wanted to give to others  that which I had received. I subsequently became an Ordained Interfaith Minister so as to better understand different people's faiths and beliefs,  spiritual inclinations, or distrust of religion.

I bring an extensive range of expertise to my work and can relate to people from many walks of life.

I would like to assist you during the next stages of your breakup or divorce journey. Through our collaboration, you can experience a powerful shift inside yourself, make positive new decisions, and come through the process more whole and complete than you can  imagine.

I am also a member of the Family Center which offers comprehensive services for people going through divorce, custody and family transitions. To learn more about the Center then please click on the link below:

Cheryl Lazarus is dedicated to helping individuals who are going through breakups and divorce as she understands the challenges, pain and difficulties first hand; as well as the new opportunities and gifts that can arise on the other side.
Phone sessions for breakups and divorce coaching in US
   transitionscl@aol.com or (917) 838 3648

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