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 Breakups & Divorce

A breakup or divorce can be one of the most difficult  transitions that you will experience. We help women and men to become more proactive and educated as they navigate through the process. 

We also help in  handling emotional overwhelm to lessen it's impact on decisions, to deal with an ex and to work more effectively with an attorney. more
Women's Divorce Support

Women experience divorce differently than men, both emotionally and in dealing with practical issues.

Specialized women's divorce helps you become more empowered and proactive as you navigate the separation and divorce process..   more

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                "Improved 300%"

“I am currently going through a horrible divorce, and have improved 300% since working with  Cheryl Lazarus. Each time we have a coaching session, she incredibly lifts my spirits She also helped me to understand and organize certain topics areas as in:
Working with my attorney and making sure that I cover all important issues as she is well versed int he legal process, approaching and communicating with my soon-to-be ex-husband, and focusing on my needs and boundaries with a special person whom I have recently met.
 Cheryl will coach you through the issues in the divorce world, and guide you to the beginnings of your new life.   Lizette

"The Divorce Hour with Larry Bloom - Radio Interview with Cheryl Lazarus
Divorce Hour Radio Interview with Cheryl
Communication - Active Listening
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Divorce Hour Interview with Cheryl
Challenges - Left or Leaving
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Dating & Relationships

If you are ready to date, are dating, or in a relationship, the you'll be excited about our sister site, ZengaLove also founded by Cheryl Lazarus. 

You'll find videos, blog posts, coaching programs and events related to dating, relationships, intimacy and sexuality. 

At ZengaLove we are dedicated to helping you transform your relationships. We provide the tools to:  go deeper into yourself; to create healthier patterns and the changes that you need, and then to attract the fulfilling, loving relationships or dating partners that you are looking for.

Check out our ZengaLove videos, blog posts, coaching, programs and events. 


"Honoring Myself and setting healthier boundaries"

Working with Cheryl has been a great experience. From our first session, I immediately felt very comfortable with her. She listened and created a safe space for me to share and grow. 

Through her perceptive guidance and support, I learned to continue to define my needs more specifically, honor myself and set healthier boundaries. It was especially useful in the context of dating & relationships. I’ve also grown to love, nurture and appreciate myself even more.

I am grateful for the gifts of working with Cheryl , and know that these new habits and distinctions will continue to make a significant difference in my life.” Fabienne

        "Broke new ground"

"Cheryl helped me break new ground both within myself and in my ability to move forward in life. By transforming fears, I became “freed up,” expanded my thinking, and explored opportunities that I would not have considered before.
Cheryl’s wisdom, compassion and expertise are invaluable!” Tess

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Events & Seminars
Cheryl Lazarus specializes in combining cognitive, emotional, and energetic approaches to create powerful change and integration
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